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Here at EBJ Touch of Class, we repair auto glass chips and cracks saving you hundreds of dollars in future damage costs. Our process involves the forcing of resin into the cracks, filling, repairing and preventing future damage.

Windshield Installation-

If your windshield needs an entire replacement, give us a call. Our service is fast and our prices are always competitive. 

Window Tinting - 

Window tinting is a great way to keep cool during the summer and simultaneously maintain an elegant level of privacy. For more info on why you should consider tinting your windows, see the left side of the page.

All Insurance plans accepted-

You read it right, that is not a typo. We accept all insurance plans for your convenience. Give us a call for more info.

window regulator repair (electric & Manual)- 

If you are having troubles with your window regulator, we can help. Our experience and work is guaranteed...Oh...your happiness? That's guaranteed too. Call us for pricing.

in shop and mobile services available.

If necessary, we can come to you. We truly are looking for lifetime customers and win them over with our charm and giddiness. Oh, and Of course our quality workman ship and integrity too.

Get $50.00 back on your insurance claims.


Auto Glass

& Tint


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Why should I window tint my vehicle?


Privacy: Feeling comfortable is priceless. Tinting your windows gives you the privacy we all deserve.

Security: If thieves can’t see what is inside your car, they can’t steal it. Why take the chance?

​UV ray protection: Protect yourself from harmful cancer causing UV Rays that the sun emits.

Enhance upholstery life up to 60%.

Stay Cooler: Nobody likes to sweat, staying cool is essential in Arizona and this is one of the best ways to do it.

Safety: In the event that an accident occurs, auto glass tint will prevent any shattering glass from inflicting any harm.

Appeal: Simply put, tinted windows look more appealing than factory un-tinted glass.




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Repairs or replacements, Ebj Touch of Class does it all and for a fraction of the cost of the competitors. Our Technicians have many years of experience to assure you get only the best of the best. Call us today for a quote at:


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